Arguments against Color Therapy

Now that we know all the positive aspects of color therapy including how it can affect us on so many levels, it is time to say a word about those who do not think that this form of ‘treatment’ can help anybody on any level.  The arguments against the use of color therapy can be quite persuasive and substantial.  Those who oppose the use of color in our lives do so because of a few reasons. 

  1. Different Cultures:
    We live in a world with many different cultures and each culture assigns different 
    associations with different colors.  In the Western World, white is associated with marriage, and in other parts of the world, it is the color of mourning. We must therefore always take into account from which culture the person using color as a tool, comes from.  This is most important to remember.   


  2. Varying Experiences:
    Different people have different
    experiences with, and preferences to certain colors which are always valid and should be taken into account when introducing people to color therapy. An example of this, as referred to previously, would be perhaps a person who has spent a long time in a hospital where everything is almost exclusively painted in white.  It would be easy to understand why such an experience would leave a person completely stressed by rooms in the color white and why they might need a lot of color in their own home to combat this experience.


  3. Length of Effects:
    Some people say the effect of color therapy is
    fleeting and temporary and therefore not as effective as a different therapy.  This is a subjective argument and we can only really know if and for how long the effects of color on our mind last for us, as individuals.  An example of this argument would be that a room that is painted in a calming or perhaps stimulating color might only feel or give off these effects for a short period of time and therefore is not worth investing time and effort into these effects.

To conclude: There will always be those who say that color therapy is nonsense and has no place in the healing process.  I feel that deep down we all strive to feel our best selves and for the most part people are looking for calmness in the very stressful world we live in.  This will come when our energy flow is correct.  We know that acupuncture and other more common place complementary healing modalities work and help us align our energies, so why not give color therapy a chance?  Try it, you just never know you might like it. I say that if mindfulness is considered a superpower, then surely so color therapy is also a superpower. GOOD LUCK !


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