Navigating Your Child’s Emotions Around School-Year Transitions

As adults, it’s easy to forget that the transition from one school year to the next marks a significant change for children. Parents may have their own emotions around the adjustments required for such a change, like feeling nervous when dropping off our young children for the first time, to our own excitement at reclaiming …

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Do we need art?

We have all heard it said that art is a luxury. Not necessarily owning art, but also viewing it in a gallery or at an exhibition, appreciating it is considered by many as a pastime for the idle. Some people believe that art really has no place in society and that we could all live …

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What Color Is The Sea?

I think most people would agree that the world’s seas and oceans are blue however if you’ve ever stopped to actually look at the water, you’ll quickly notice that there’s blue and there’s blue. Oh, and then there’s brown and turquoise and green and an almost black shade of blue too! The color of the …

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The Seven Chakras

The seven Chakras, according to tradition, are seven energy centers found within the body. The word ‘Chakra’ actually means ‘wheel’ in the ancient language of Sanskrit. The concept of our physical body having seven energy centers dates back to ancient Hindu teachings and is even discussed in the earliest Sanskrit records. Each Chakra is represented …

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A rainbow of food

A Plate Full of Rainbow

How colorful is your plate? How many colors can you see? I see many families sitting down to a plate of drab beige food at dinner time and I think this is a little sad with all the colorful food available to us. Colorful fresh foods, especially when they’re at their ripest and brightest during …

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Seeing Sounds and Tasting Number

There is a condition known as ‘Synesthesia’, which is found in approximately 4 percent of the world’s population. Those people who experience this condition, with experience a sort-of overlock of their perceptions. Stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway, will lead to automatic and involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. People who …

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Color Your Room

Color therapy has been practised in different cultures worldwide for over 2,000 years. Through my writing I attempt to convey how it is possible to harness color to both communicate our feelings and to look into the myriad of ways we can use color to bring about a change in our emotions. Color therapy is …

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The Color of My Kids

As a parent, seeing my own children grow is a fascinating experience. I often feel that I learn more about life from them than they do from me! Their insightful, innocent views open my eyes and fill me with wonder. It is easy for us as adults, in today’s society, to see just how much …

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