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On the surface,  ‘Adventures with Eden and Ethan’ is a series of books based upon the unbreakable bond and inspiring interaction between two small children. At its core it is a story about the strength of the mind and the many ways that we can enrich our own lives. Having made their discovery in the first of this series of books, Eden and Ethan embrace ‘Rainbow-Power’ and use it in many situations as they grow up.

On a deeper level this is a series of books whose aim is to help us teach our children, and through them, ourselves how to look inside for the power to help ourselves. Over the last decade, our days have become so busy that we have forgotten how to allow ourselves the time to sit still and look inwards. How to listen to what we feel. It is my hope that we can teach our children, whilst they are young, to look inside themselves and discover the power that resides within each and every one of our imaginations. If this book succeeds in helping our children get through their challenging days with a little more ease, and in keeping them company on their good days too, then this will be a great gift to us all. If we too can harness this power, then that is a wonderful bonus.

It is no secret that the brain is the least understood of all our organs. We are constantly being told that we only use our brain at a very low percentage of its full capacity. So let’s embrace ‘Rainbow-Power’ and harness an extra tool to help ourselves in our own daily lives.

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Eden & Ethan Make a New Friend

A New Home for Eden & Ethan

Eden & Ethan Magical Activity Book

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