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A New Home for Eden and Ethan

It’s never too early to teach children to manage their emotions and this book can help!
Eden and Ethan’s home has become a bit chaotic since the arrival of their younger twin siblings. But moving to a larger home means leaving behind their friends, and just as important, it means they will no longer live right down the road from Granny and her delicious chocolate chip cookies anymore! Understandably upset, the siblings don’t want to move… until they discover they already have some friends living right in their street, and that their new school is full of exciting teaching spaces, new to them.

Encourage your children to learn that whilst fear and anxiety are normal emotions, it’s how they react to these feelings that can help them cope. With an emphasis on how colors affect our mood, this book offers solutions to help manage and cope with disappointment, fear, and challenging situations. Children will be reminded that even the scariest of emotions do not have to rule their lives and will teach them that they are stronger than they think! Develop your child’s emotional intelligence with this heartwarming story of optimism and hope, that will teach your children healthy ways to cope with stressful situations. changes are not always scary and bad; as long as we have family, we have everything!

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