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A Surprise for Eden and Ethan

Wondering how to introduce a new sibling to your kids?
When Eden and Ethan first noticed their mommy’s belly looking a bit rounder than usual, they started giggling unsure of the reason. Ever since they had started first grade, Eden and Ethan learned the letters of the alphabet, the numbers, and many new skills. But they did not understand why mommy’s belly was bigger. That’s when mommy and daddy explained everything. It turns out, Eden and Ethan were going to become the ‘big brother and sister!’ And they were going to get more than just one baby! Mommy was expecting TWINS!

A new brother and a new sister were on their way!

The arrival of a new baby brings many changes to every family. As a parent, most of your energy goes into preparations for the newborn. However, it’s no less important to prepare your older children for the adjustments this new bundle of love will bring.

Hopefully, Eden and Ethan will help your children discover a new kind of happiness and responsibility. After all, the bigger the family, the more love there is to give and receive.

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