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Eden and Ethan discover the Power of Color

What is the color of sad, or the brightest shade of happy?
One of the biggest challenges for young children is understanding the emotions they experience, as well as the feelings of those around them.

Five-year-old twins Eden and Ethan share everything: from their favorite toys and snacks, to their dreams, fears, and feelings. But when their two paths finally diverge, they realize that as unique individuals they experience different emotions.

Why am I seeing red, when you’re feeling blue?
Emotions aren’t negative, but they can be confusing. Most children don’t yet have the tools to navigate largely unconscious responses. But when we identify and label shadowy emotions, we dispel their ambiguity and make them something a child can hold, understand, and process. When Ethan struggles to finish his puzzle, he closes his eyes and sees blue. But as Eden hums and draws a pretty picture, her mind fills with pink.

And so the children make a magical, multi-colored discovery…
A rainbow of awareness is born as the twins begin to recognize the internal states of those around them, from the classroom to playground, and even their own parents. More excitingly, when uncomfortable emotions arise they learn to close their eyes and paint a new color into reality.

Armed with this life-changing superpower, Eden and Ethan go to their parents with a big idea…

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