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Are We Really Safe Now?

Join Ava and Mason as they navigate a new life amidst the pandemic.

Our world changed so much in the last few years. As adults we owe it to our children to help them process all that’s happened. Our little ones also went through a period of uncertainty, fear, and confusion. Now that the world is hopeful and recovering, and it’s time to help children answer one very important question: what happens now? 

Join Ava and Mason as they learn to negotiate their return to school after so many months of learning from home – seeing their teachers and classmates through computers, with sore-eyes at times from so much screen-time. Initially heartbroken, the early days were tough for them both, but they were tougher, and they quickly made the best of it. They loved getting involved in chores around the house, whilst their mother, a nurse, worked so very hard at the hospital. Helping dad with his various activities became their new favourite thing.

Not seeing their friends in person for so long was also tough, but Ava and Mason learned to celebrate big and small victories. They were beyond happy when they got to hug their grandparents after so long, and when the day came, and schools re-opened, the children were ecstatic! Who would have thought Ava and Mason would actually miss going to school?

Explaining sensitive topics about the pandemic to children is a challenge. This beautifully illustrated story will help spread a message of hope that kids will be able to relate to and will give parents a helping hand in soothing the journey back to normality for your children.

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