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Danny Defeats Asthma

An Eye-Opening, Children’s Book About Asthma, Bullying & Friendship!

Danny is a sweet boy who loves sports, playing with his friends, and learning the art of Karate. But sometimes, it’s hard for him to catch his breath. Danny has something called Asthma, and he carries with him, at all times, an inhaler with magic air that helps him breathe easily.

But one of Danny’s classmates, teases Danny about his inhaler and his coughing at school. Their teachers try to encourage empathy and understanding, but this is not an easy task. Luckily for Danny, he has an imaginary friend who takes him on a special journey where he learns that if he puts his mind to it – in spite of his difficulties – he can do anything!

As Danny becomes strong and confident, he learns the skills of inner strength, bravery, and courage.

If your child is dealing with Asthma, or any other issues which make him feel self-conscious, this book will help boost your child’s confidence, helping him realize he is actually no different from anyone else. Your child will learn a valuable lesson from Danny in resilience, persistence and success in the face of fear.

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