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Eden and Ethan Make a New Friend

Do you want your children to be inclusive and more sensitive? Then this story is for you offering an important lesson in compassion, sensitivity and inclusion.

Often times, children with special needs struggle when trying to establish new friendships. The responsibility to maintain a safe and non-threatening environment lies within all of us. The younger it is taught to our children, the better for all.

It’s never too early to teach compassion, empathy, the importance of inclusion, and the value of diversity. This book touches on these topics when two siblings meet and befriend a new classmate in a wheelchair.

Most of his classmates are curious about Benjamin’s condition. Some are unkind to him. As is often the case with young children, youngsters do not filter their feelings.

The twins invite Benjamin to their home. They have so much fun, and Benjamin is eager to learn all about Rainbow Power, which he embraces fully.

The beautiful illustrations will entertain your child while offering an opportunity to have a conversation about people who are different. With an emphasis on inclusion, this book strives to celebrate diversity and find strength instead of weaknesses.

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