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Eden and Ethan Start First Grade

Looking for the perfect, value-driven bedtime story about the kindness children can show?
Eden and Ethan are twins and best friends who invented their very own superpower, which allows everybody to use the power of the color in their mind to improve their lives!

Eden and Ethan Start First Grade is a heartwarming story of compassion and friendship that teaches Pre-K, Kindergarten, and elementary school kids the values of helping others and using their imagination.

Eden and Ethan have graduated kindergarten and are moving on to first grade. On the first day of school, Ethan tells his classmates about the super-power that he and his twin sister invented. One of their new friends reveals to the class that he is colorblind and asks Ethan to find a way for him to be able to use Rainbow-Power, in spite of his color blindness.

Children and their parents will love this inspirational story of love, teamwork, and togetherness, which will encourage your children to think about how they too can help a friend today, the way that the twins helped their new friend.

Even reluctant readers will love finding out how Eden and Ethan solve their new friend’s challenge with their amazing superpower!

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