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Sharing is Caring

Parents, this book does double duty; teaching children the importance of sharing and that reading is fun!

This wonderful story of two friends, excited as reading-hour approaches in their kindergarten class, will remind your children just how much they love stories and reading. The beautiful illustrations will captivate your child from the very first page as they get lost in this sweet tale of the importance of sharing. It will teach the readers how sharing is in fact a form of caring. Our two main characters are so eager to read the same book at reading time, that they forget their manners for a moment. With the help of their teacher they are reminded that sharing is the best road to take in most situations.

Read this story with your child for some bonding time or let them read it alone to encourage independent reading skills that will stay with them for a lifetime.

We all want to teach our children to be kind, to share, to be good people. This book offers positive encouragement on every page, encouraging an excitement for reading, a love of adventure, and unforgettable characters your child will remember forever.

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