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The Coronavirus Monster: Calming the fear of the Coronavirus

The Coronavirusaurus is running riot everywhere!
It forces
young Sam stay at home and wash his hands far too often! This menacing monster is keeping Sam from his school, his friends, and his beloved Grandpa! Luckily, Sam’s big brother, Morris, knows something important – there is a creature that is even worse than the Coronavirusaurus – but we can defeat it!

Join Sam and Morris as they journey through a voyage of discovery through the deep, dark forest. Along the way, Sam realises that even the scariest places can have friends in them, and that the scariest monsters can be the easiest to tame – if you know how to handle them!

This charming book gives parents, carers and teachers a useful tool, so necessary at this time of uncertainty. This tool will hopefully help both children and perhaps adults alike, to cope with the unprecedented situation that living side-by-side with the coronavirus pandemic has placed us all in. Sam and Morris provide us with lessons about the nature of the unknown and our capacity to adapt to a new way of life without giving in to despair or sadness.

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