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The Perfect Holiday Disaster

Flexibility is an important life skill—this is the perfect book to introduce your children to this concept at an early age.

It’s summertime! And Yona is bursting with excitement for her family’s upcoming camping trip. Dreaming, doodling, and dancing about it all, Yona knows for sure nothing can mess up her vacation because she has everything planned.

But when Yona learns that they’ll be going somewhere completely different from where she originally thought, her plans for a perfect camp night seem to crumble before her eyes.

One thing after another, Yona begins to realize her checklist of activities isn’t getting checked off at all! Just as she is about to lose all hope Yona finds the strength with the help of her cousins, to enjoy her trip, just the way it is.

Join Yona and her family on vacation and help your children learn that when you have patience and can accept things just as they are, things can still turn out just as amazing if you allow yourself to be flexible.

Let’s go camping with Yona today!

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