The Color of Corona

The World is Closed because of Coronavirus

What Color is the Coronavirus?

It’s hard to believe that it has been almost one year since we started to hear about a new virus that was rapidly making its way across the entire planet.  After some time the CDC (Center for Disease Control in the USA) gave it the name ‘Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)’, or as we have all grown used to referring to it, the Coronavirus.  


Scientists all over the globe hurried to demonstrate to us what this frightening virus looked like. To give it a face and a body.  These scientists, able to see a single virus through their microscopes, very quickly drew us an image of this virus.  In their interpretation we were introduced to a single coronavirus cell, with an off-white spherical body from which protrude both yellow protein particles and the by-now infamous red threatening ‘crown’ or ‘corona’ like spikes.

Paralyzed with fear by this dreadful unseen entity, I found myself drawn to the question ‘what color is corona for me? “And let us remember that for every single person, each color conjures up different connotations.  For me personally, this virus is a mixture of a few colors.  I see Red, the color most associated with anger, black the color we associate with fear and I see gray – the color most commonly allied with sadness and anxiety.  If disgust has a color, it is said to be Green. Red and Black are both is said to be the color of evil and nobody can deny this has been one of the most evil of all viruses.  

So for me the coronavirus, has been a mixture of all the above colors.  Far from encouraging anybody to sit and think about the Coronavirus any more than we already do, I often wonder if you have seen any color in your mind’s eye as you think about corona.  As we fast approach the day we are so anxiously awaiting – the day when the World Health Organization announces that there is an effective vaccination available – I would encourage you to simply notice if any color comes to your mind when you hear talk of the coronavirus on the news.  If the color that comes to mind is one of anxiety, sadness, fear, or evil, I encourage you to give color therapy a try.  See if you can paint over these colors with more positive colors – you have nothing to lose by trying to put the theory of color into practice. White, the universal color of Hope, Orange the color said to increase our energy levels and boost ones moral, or yellow – touted for its ability to raise happiness levels, as well as feelings of positivity – can all help.  Magenta, a strong bold shade of pink is said to give us a natural ‘high’ and we could all use a moral boost these days.  Finally give Blue a chance – it is said to help us feel more tranquil, and let’s face it we all could do with a dose of that in these trying times.  

In addition to doing the best we can to avoid the transference from person to person of this potentially deadly virus, (adhering to the more common-sense rules – mask wearing, hand washing, social distancing, not meeting up in large crowds, especially indoors) try and look forward with optimism, universally represented by the color orange (but you must bring to mind your own color of optimism) and look forward to the day we can get back to our lives with compassion in our hearts, wisdom in our minds and positivity in our spirits.  

My sincere wishes to you and yours for an optimistic and healthy Holiday Season. 

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