So What Exactly is Color-Therapy?

Color Therapy is an entirely non-invasive holistic treatment which aims to bring balance to the energy of our body and soul.  It can also be called ‘Light Therapy’ or ‘Chromo Therapy’, but my chosen description is ‘Color Therapy’

Color Therapy is often used as a complementary therapy alongside other treatments, as a means to treat certain ailments, both physical and emotional.  It is a healing technique and can be very effective as a method to influence and heal both our external and our internal world. When used as an alternative form of healing, specific colors and the levels of vibration that each color resonates, can help to regenerate and rejuvenate areas of the body or soul that are suffering from either restricted or blocked levels of energies.

Color therapy is not new.  It was around as far back as our caveman ancestors, if not longer.  Once upon a time astrology, and even astronomy, were not considered scientifically accurate. Nobody really knows what the future holds for Color Therapy but as of today it is considered an alternative, or complementary therapy and it is important that we use it as we would other alternative therapies – as a method of assisting in healing.  Like all forms of ‘Therapies’ Color-Therapy will work for some, and not for others. 


When our mind, body or soul are in need of a little assistance in our efforts to heal and restore them, we might choose to harness the power of color, in an effort to ‘re-sync’ whatever is out of sync for us.  Of course color therapy is a form of complementary medicine and is not to be used for anybody suffering from major or serious illnesses, other than in combination with modern western medicine.  It is 100 percent non-invasive and we are all free to try any of the following methods to see if they improve our condition.  When used properly color therapy can most certainly lift our spirits and we all know that with a healthy attitude we heal faster.  Color Therapy is a relaxing and peaceful tool that anyone can learn and practice at home. 

If you open your heart and soul to the possibilities of how color can affect our physical and emotional states of being, you will be welcoming into your life a vast and endless world of healing power that lies inside your mind.  Color therapy can be used on its own when appropriate and as with all other alternative therapies, can also be a positive addition to a comprehensive health treatment program.

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