What Matters Most – Material Possessions or Family Love?

Even the most mature of us sometimes need to be reminded that what matters most are the things that money cannot buy for us – the love and comfort of our family and our home, however modest – our feel good place.  In Sugar, the Magic Pony, I try to shed light on this in a way that children can understand. 

A Children’s Book that Fun to Read

Sugar, the Magic Pony is not just a fun story to read.  The story is simple to understand, and the illustrations are exactly age appropriate to allow the children reading, or being read to, to tell themselves the story.

Many children’s books are written just for entertainment, but don’t impart wisdom. Others are written to teach lessons, but aren’t a lot of fun to read. 

Sugar, The Magic Pony is written in a manner that is intended to teach a powerful life lesson without being condescending to children. Using their own language and using real examples of the power of familial love and warmth, I have attempted to help children learn important life lessons with ease – without preaching to the reader.  I try to write stories that are fun to read and at the same time impart an important message. After all, what child doesn’t want to read stories about magic ponies? 

Sugar the Magic Pony: 

The main character, Reenie, struggles with being envious of a friend’s pony, her big house, and what looks like her perfect life. Later, Reenie, with the help of Sugar, the Magic Pony, discovers that, even though she wears hand-me-down clothes and doesn’t have a swimming pool, she is rich in her own way. She has a big, loving family that makes her house a home and loves every minute of her day.

Learning about envy

Reenie’s struggle with being envious of her friend’s possession is familiar to all of us. For children, it can be harder to understand the value of a loving family.  Later on in life children grow and realize that true wealth is counted in the people we love and that love us.  The earlier children learn this lesson the better!

Learning about family

Family and friends are the richness of our lives. In this bright, cheerful children’s book, Reenie understands that her family is her wealth. This message is clearly visible through the bright and attractive images that children can relate to, even if they can’t read the words. 

Learning about yourself

One of the hardest lessons to learn in life is that who we are is enough. In Sugar, the Magic Pony, as in many classic children’s books, children are reminded that their life and in turn, the children themselves, are wonderful exactly as they are. Reenie learns this when she realizes that her life is just as much, if not more enjoyable and cheerful than her best friend who seems to have everything. 

When Loneliness can’t be Fixed with Things

One part of Reenie’s new lessons is that having people near you is important. Her friend lives in a big house with lots of stuff, even a swimming pool, but she’s alone much of the time. When Reenie looks around and sees a house filled with laughter, love, and protection, she realizes that her life is just exactly how it should be. She’s never lonely and is likely to feel more happiness than her friend who on the surface ‘has it all.’

Lessons without Preaching

Sugar, the Magic Pony, is a picture book every child will enjoy, and parents will be pleased that their child is reading something wholesome and fun.

You can find Sugar the Magic Pony, available for purchase on Amazon.com.   

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